Recreational Riding in the Adelaide Hills – The Amy Gillett Bike Way

Over the weekend my partner and I decided to get out of Adelaide and go for a ride – it was a lovely winter’s day so we headed up to the Woodside to ride the Amy Gillett Bikeway.

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Starting at Charlseton (playground and amenities available) we headed south along the pristine path – there were a few couples/families also out on that afternoon as well, but most of the time it was a un populated path to ride along.

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About 3.5kms into the trip there was a required detour to sample some of the Hills famous food produce – Melba Chocolate, Woodside Cheese and other yummy stores in the street just 400mtrs off the Amy Gillett Bikeway. For those who might be seeking another sampling treasure or a coffee and refreshments there were a few café/cellar doors passed too.

The path itself is 95% separated from traffic; however there is a 1km section that will require road riding to join on to the Bikeway a street back from the Onkaparinga Valley Rd, and another direct crossing of the O.V. Rd as the path crosses it.

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Sights along the way and places to visit – the BMX track in Woodside, more shops and antique hunting venues

Total distance one way – 9km,

Time Taken – as fast or as slow as you like, allow 2hrs for a return trip and a stop off for sampling

A route of the path can be found here or here on the RailTrails map

Happy riding 🙂


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