Finding the Time to Make Time

(I recorded** the following while out on a ride)…..

I know it’s hard for everyone to get riding – to get out and do something they enjoy, we know we enjoy it, but life, work commitments, and laziness get in the way, and sometimes it is easy to stay in. what’s really important is that we make time for making time.

Running my own small business I’m constantly battling between needing work and needing to live; what I have found of late, what I’ve noticed quite a lots, is that my joy of riding can slip away; I’m rarely available to race, train or go out riding with my friends, cos they work 9-5 and are free on the weekends, whereas me, I’m busy on the weekends teaching all my amazing students, and I love what I do, but I realise I need to put aside time in my week, be off the computer, be off social media – be with myself going for a ride.

So I’ve blocked out an hour and a half or two hours once a week – it doesn’t sound much but it times that I know I have to get riding (or go for a swim). So, this morning; while the forecast all week has been for lots of rain on Friday, so I knew I wasn’t going to have any clients, I still had my time booked aside to ride, and looking at the forecast in the morning, it was going to rain, and as the time rolled around that I should have been getting ready , I looked at the radar and yep not too far way, it was going to rain in Adelaide, and probably going to rain where I am and yeah – nah I won’t go for a ride, its warm in side. But then I thought – ‘what the hey?’ I know my skill, I’ll ride a bike that I know I can take in a particular area that I close to home; so here I am, riding up and down the linear path; having fun. It hasn’t rained yet; I’ve challenged myself on different areas of the path that I’m not too familiar with or have previously freaked me out – and Im getting better at it; maybe picking up the speed here and there a bit, or slowing down and not putting my feet to the ground in a tight section,

So next time you know you are missing out on something, and we do know it, I want you to make the time to make time.

Anyway I gotta keep riding – its too good a morning.

(**what to hear my audio – windy & breathless version – really – click here!)

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