What to look for in a 2nd hand bike

You can get some real bargains on various second hand market sites (Facebook/community pages/Gumtree to name a few) – here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Suitable for your purpose – it might be a bargain, but is is what you are looking for? … are you wanting a get around town bike – or a ‘faster’ bike bike a road bike
  • Do the ABCDE check
  • Does it fit you – do you feel confident getting on/off, stopping/starting, riding it, does it make your sore?
  • After the ABCDE check – are you happy to take it to your local Bike Shop (LBS) for a check-up – $50-100
  • Is it ‘legit’? – If you like the bike and plan to buy it, check the frame ID number against the Stolen Bikes Register (usually this number is under the bottom bracket between where the pedals/cranks attach to the bike)
  • Do you like it?

Good luck in your search and happy riding

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