Results Achieved

Thank you for teaching C to ride a bike. Given her unique set of challenges [anxiety and shyness] the result was never assured but your calm unwavering perseverance and belief in her definitely helped her over the line. She has proudly announced to all our family and friends over the weekend that she can now ride a bike! Next time someone messages you with a challenging kid….you no doubt will think of C and be assuring them too not to worry!

Karen, Mum To 7yo C

Cycling adventures are going great R loves getting out on her bike, my poor legs are feeling it she’s a machine on that thing. We are looking forward to day light savings coming in so we can go durning the week. I can’t thank you enough for your help, I was very skeptical you would get her riding as she was so against it at first but now she can’t get enough of it & really wants to do your program next holidays.

Mum Of A 8yo Learn To Ride

Thank you a million, my son (O’)attended your course on Thursday with his trainer wheels on. He left the course on two wheels. Look at at him on the following Monday. Riding with his Dad on the bike trail in McLaren Vale. O’ has been on his bike every day since the course, he’s loving bike riding. The instructor did an amazing job. Please pass on my thanks.

Mum Of 5yo Boy
B has a new found love of bike riding. It’s such a joy watching her become more confident with every ride; all of which she initiates. Thank you for such an effective and encouraging welcome to bike riding.
Mum Of 8yo Girl Learn To Ride

As a single mum who is juggling work and household choirs it was difficult for me to try and set aside time to teach her myself, especially considering I am not the best bike rider myself and not that confident.  Since ‘E’ attended the program with you at the school she has not only learnt how to ride but she is mad for it now.  All she wants to do is ride her bike and it has inspired me to make the decision to get on my bike and ride with her and her sister to school instead of using my car, on my day off from work.

She was so reluctant to go to the “learning how to ride day” and put up a great big fuss about it, for days before she carried on about it as if was the worst thing on earth for her to have to do.  I kept trying to encourage her to be open and that she could possibly learn how to ride and how great it would be.  So for me to come after work and see her out there on the courts going around and around in circles and “showing off with a huge smile” was fantastic and bought tears to my eyes.  She didn’t want to get off the bike!

So please accept my full on thanks for your efforts and know that it is greatly appreciated.

Inspired Mum Who Now Rides To School With Her Kids

I was really impressed with the professionalism of RABR and the skills that you have been able to pass on to the students have been amazing especially as so many had such limited exposure to cycling. I’ve noticed a few bikes in our racks so that’s a huge in road, even saw a parent riding with his children today.


Thank you so much for teaching C to ride. It’s opened up a whole new world for us. Regards,

J (& C)

I did the learn to ride adult course with you to prepare me for a ride in Laos and I am very pleased to report that I completed the 12km round trip without falling off or injury! I was certainly the slowest but I may also have been the proudest. Thank you for being a patient and understanding teacher. I know that if anyone ever mentions wanting to find lessons for bike riding I will point them straight to you!

Life Goal, To Ride A Bike On An Overseas Holiday

Thank you for teaching my child a life long skill.

Prabha, A Thankful Mum

Now that I can ride a bike right – I can ride forever!

“Thank you for everything – our daughter just loves her bike now”

8yr old Learn to Ride child and Mum