Channelling the Bike

Last weekend I had a 9yr old come for his 2nd lesson; he’d learnt to ride in L1 and had been amazed that he could do it; around and around he rode; stopping, starting using gears.

Upon arriving at lesson 2, his dad had told me that in between lessons the he and his son gone to the local park to do some riding practise; the dad told me that the practise didn’t start well, and the son got very down about this and started to spiral his thoughts ‘I can’t; it’s not going to work’. In the park, the Dad was about to step in with his original plan of helping his child, reassure him etc; but then he thought…. “hang on – what would Lee-Anne do? how had I seen her teach my son in the class?” So the dad asked the son a few questions to help the son work out what he needed correct, and then said, right, make those changes- you know what to do.

And sure enough within a few seconds the boy was riding away.

As he rode around enjoying being on the bike, the boy noticed some kids from his class playing team footy on the grass – they boy was a proud as could be riding past them. He could ride his bike.

So at the 2nd lessons, the dad said to me – ‘Now I get it, I had thought I was bringing my son here for lessons to learn to ride, but you were also teaching me (the parent) how to help me son overcome a barrier. Thank you’

Thank you for asking Ride-a-Bike Right to help.

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