Ride-a-BikeRight  can get you and your family riding safely.

Whether it’s for an adult or child who wants to learn how to ride a bike, or to gain skills, experience and confidence to ride safely on the road, Ride-a-Bike Right can get you on your way.

Ride-a-Bike Right is Adelaide’s 1st nationally recognised cycling school under AustCycle.

Training Wheels to Two Wheels

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When you are ready to get back on the bike....
.....we are always with you!
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Did you know from time to time the council puts on 'Back on your Bike' course for people to attend?

Well, here is what one of our riders thought after completing one of our courses that the local council arranged. 🚴🚴🚴
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This is WHY we do what we do...

"At 73 my bike riding skills were a little rusty,
My last ride being a short cycle on the banks of the Seine (in a straight line) 5 years ago.

Lee-Anne's Ride-a-Bike Right course put me back on the bike. She and her team of dedicated trainers have safety at the forefront of their innovative approach, developing skills and confidence in their course participants.

I have now bought a bike and am making the most of Adelaide's wonderful parklands and lanes, while living on South Terrace."

This amazing women had just recently completed an Adelaide Council Back on your bike course conducted by Ride-a-Bike Right!

Keep those wheels spinning!!
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When you smile, the world smiles with you!!

Happy cycling!!
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While in Sydney I met with manager Rob from BikeWise who runs the cycle centre in Sydney Park for City of Sydney.
I was able to observe a school session that was happening nearby and then I was allowed to borrow a bike for a spin around the beautiful Sydney Park.
Great to meet and make connections with other cycle educators across the country
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Thinking about your child learning to ride?

Let us help you with that decision with our 3 reasons as to why children benefit from group lessons.

1. Explicit Teaching Methods
Children are provided with the explicit instructions with time to cement their learnings while being supervised and assistance & time to practice

2. Peer learning
Children naturally look to others doing well within a group and follow. So whilst they may not understand the teachers instruction the can essentially follow their peers to learn the skill

3. Social skills
When learning to ride, children will communicate with each other as they learn.
December Classes open for bookings https://rideabikeright.com.au/courses-available/book/
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