Online Video Teaching

Do you have a learner who you’d like to get riding, but you can’t get to Adelaide to have private or group lessons with Ride-a-Bike Right?No worries, we’ve created an online video learning program that will step you and your child though all the skills to learn to ride a bike.

“Using classes sent online, Ride-a-Bike Right helped my son overcome his fear of bike riding via video! I live in the USA, and we were able to learn online for the lessons. I highly recommend the program!” Laura, Mom from Texas USA

Our specialised process have been broken down into videos approx 2-mins in length that you can watch on your smart phone or tablet, allowing time to practise, re-watch the parts you need and move onto the next skill.

Videos directed to the Adult will give details on how to set up the session/skill for the learner; videos directed to the Child will have Lee-Anne talking directly to them and demonstrating the skills to be learned.

Your program includes

  • Access to the full set of on line instructional videos,
  • 4 x15min video calls with Lee-Anne to have specific instructions for your child,
  • Advise on what bike to get your child
  • Slap band sent out to your child when they have successfully completed the course.


With 8yrs of experience in teaching children of all ages to learn to ride, Ride-a-Bike Right has devised the exact steps that children (everyone!) need to learn to be able to develop balance and learn to ride a bike – all without an adult holding onto them! These videos go though each of the skills in specific, yet short, steps. 

Topic areas covered across the online program:

  • Suggested areas to do the sessions
  • Bike set up, helmet set up
  • How to gain balance
  • Common troubles encountered
  • Up and riding
  • Braking and Starting positions

Once you have Registered & purchased access to the online videos, you will automatically be sent an email with a link to the online learn to ride program. You will need to be logged into the site to access the videos, this can be done on the second device eg. tablet to use outside while teaching your learner.

Access to these videos will be for a 12 month period, terminated automatically.

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