The A-B-C-D-E Bike Check

A is for AIR 

Have a floor pump with a gauge – great for bikes and sports balls (topeak)

Are the tyres pumped to correct pressure—stamped onto side wall of tyre

Adult Bikes: Hybrid Bikes 40-70PSI,
Knobbly Mountain Bike tyres: 50-80 PSI
Road Bike tyres: 90-110PSI
Kids bikes: Little kids 30-40PSI, Pre teens: 40-60PSI

Also check the tyres for signs of wear in the tread or crack on the side walls

B is for BRAKES

Do both brakes stop the bike when applied, yet leave a gap at handlebar
Are the brakes allowing the bike wheel to roll freely (not rubbing)

C is for CHAIN

Is the chain able to spin backwards freely—if not check the gears are in the correct alignment?
Free of dirt/muck and not dry/rusted

D is to DROP the Bike

Drop the bike to the ground from about 5cms. Are there any funny clanging sounds—this can indicate a loose part to the bike.
Investigate and speak to your local bike shop or bike mechanic

Coves the raw ends of the ‘pipe’ that is your handlebar

E is for handlebar ENDS 

Are the holes at the end of the handlebar covered? These can be quite dangerous if they are exposed and you have a crash



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