It’s a Balancing Act

Seeing your children (or even grandchildren) ride around the park or getting out with them on a bike is one of those activities that leaves lasting memories for both young and old alike. But how do you transition children who have training wheels to a bike with 2 wheels and give them the cycling skills and confidence that are so important and valuable?

This is a question Ride-a-Bike Right is often asked and like most good things in life it’s all about BALANCE.

Balance is the fundamental cycling skill that needs to be mastered before anyone can learn to ride a bike with confidence; learning to lean the bike to turn and the importance of visual awareness to maintain stability and direction are the keys. Unfortunately training wheels engrain the complete opposite of this, with children having to counter weight to turn and not needing to be looking where they are going as 4 wheels maintain an upright position without vital balancing skills

If you are looking to get a ‘little someone’ a bike, and if they are under 5yo we suggest consider getting a balance bike. This is a small 2wheel bike without pedals; children propel themselves with their feet and learn the skills of balancing and manoeuvring. For older children some time spent getting their balance is the way to get them up and riding.

And you know, the thing about balance is true for adults who haven’t been on a bike in 5, 10 or even 30years! It’s all about getting the confidence of the stability, manoeuvring and re-learning how to control the bike and sooner than you think you can be up and riding with the grandchildren too!

Ride-a-Bike Right offer learn to ride lessons for children 5yo and over, as well as Back on the Bike classes to get anyone up and riding.

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