Getting Back on the Bike

When you think of a cyclist, you may imagine groups riding expensive bikes with thin tyres. So if you haven’t ridden a bike for years, the thought of it may be daunting at best. But no one is asking you to join the lycra-brigade – although there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s what you want to do!

Getting back on the bike is the 1st step

Going for a weekend ride with the kids, your partner or friends is a great reason to start riding again, spending quality time outdoors and rekindling the joy of riding a bike and the fitness you’ll develop from it is an added bonus!

Riding a bike is great for building confidence and is a fabulous option for group fitness and coming into summer is another reason to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine.  Although riding on the road can be another daunting thought, the South Australian Department of Transport’s Cycle Instead cycling mapping page online so you can find the best bike paths in your area so you can avoid traffic and stay safe.

Ride-a-Bike-Right also offers individual or group lessons for adults wanting to get back on the bike and also more advanced ones if you’re looking to further develop your skills to feel more confident on the road.

South Australia is host to a number of amazing bike shops that can help get you started with a bike if you haven’t already got one – to start with it might be a good option to get a flat-bar bike or a hybrid as they’re a lot lighter than mountain bikes but are still easy to ride on.

If you’re not sure about getting back on the bike again… give it a go! You’ve got nothing to lose and we’re always here to help!

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