Cancellation and Refund Policy

  1. Ride-a-Bike Right is a business teaching skills that requires planning for families/individuals to attend pre-arranged lesson times, therefore it is impossible for a cancellation within 48hrs to be ‘taken by another client’. These cancellations will be considered as a non attendance of that session and no refund or reschedule is possible; if able RABR may arrange another shortened lesson to make up. A fee may be charged at the discretion of the manager.
  2. Cancellation less than 48 hrs before the course (or non attendance) incurs the 100% loss of that session’s fees
  3. We understand that sometimes students get sick, even coaches get sick on the day of the lesson/s. If this occurs please text 0431 120 802 asap to advise.
  4. Course fees must be paid in full within 7 days of online booking or before the 1st booking date, whichever is sooner; unless other arrangements have been made
  5. Once the first lesson has been delivered, the remaining lessons must be completed within 3 months (private lessons only)
  6. Cancellation of a booking, once paid for, incurs a $50 loss of course fees; Rescheduling to another course is the preferred option, and will be done where able
  7. Ride-a-Bike Right has the discretion to alter times and day of course booked due to extreme weather forecast for the intended booking. This change will not incur a penalty
  8. Gift Certificates are valid for 3 months from date of purchase, and will be posted to the address given
  9. Course times are able to be changed no later than 1 week prior to course without penalty.
  10. There is an expectation that homework / practise of the skills will be done by the learner between lessons, to ensure that skills progression is maintained. Videos are usually sent to RABR with feedback given.
    Of the very few students who have not learned to ride in the RABR program, all of them have not followed through with this skills practise between lessons.
  11. An appropriate sized bike will be provided to the learner in the lesson time, there is a need for the learner to have a bike to practise on at home between lessons. Where possible RABR will adjust the learner’s own bike to be suitable for the practise, or provide guidance on which bike would be suitable to buy. A bike may be arranged to hire for a weekly rate if available.
Privacy Policy
  1. RABR will collect data such as:
    Name, age, height, specific needs of the learner (to assist with how they learn), contact details, emergency contact person
  2. Everyone will need to sign and consent to a waiver upon starting the course; only for insurance claim purposes would we need send this data on to another party.
  3. Ride-a-Bike Right does not share your data with any 3rd party organisation.
  4. We may use your email address to send newsletters; this can be opted out of, when we give you an email to ask you for this permission.
  5. If your course is a free or low cost community/council course your contact details will be forwarded to the organisation who paid for the course.