Ride-a-BikeRight  can get you and your family riding safely.

Whether it’s for an adult or child who wants to learn how to ride a bike, or to gain skills, experience and confidence to ride safely on the road, Ride-a-Bike Right can get you on your way.

Ride-a-Bike Right is Adelaide’s 1st nationally recognised cycling school under AustCycle.

Training Wheels to Two Wheels

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Have you ever wonder what the CycloCross I often talk about is? Well here is a great article and a young fella coming up through the ranks and hitting some big marks too!
Great for kids (of all ages 2-82!) Great for families and great to FUN!
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ABC BTN's nice video on young NSW rider Louis Stib...

Another break-through moment today. Since last term I've been working 1:1 with a 12yr old with quite high ASD needs; developing his balance and strength. Today in his 3rd lesson he became a bike rider; and while he couldn't put into the 'standard words and expressions' of how he felt, I could tell he was proud and happy that he can ride. Now with no prompting he can get riding.
I'm looking forward to having his next lesson in a real cycling environment along a local bike path.
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Just got my early regos list for the Spring She Rides - we are up and rolling! ... See MoreSee Less

Off to school we go! Day 1 in a Recp-yr2 school today. Love meeting all the excited, but slightly scared kiddies, 'oh but I need training wheels' some will say - not anymore that RABR is here on the case :D ... See MoreSee Less

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The early bird gets...EARLY BIRD RATE FOR SHE RIDE...

Are you keen to watch some awesome and fun cycling this weekend? See the top riders in Australia compete for the National Champs & Rounds? Here in Adelaide?
Then come on down and watch the CycloCross National Champs and Round this Sat and Sun at Zombie Park (aka: just north of the Adelaide cemetery)
Spectating is free and fun - yes you get to laugh, point, heckle and ring a bell the riders and have a fun family-friendly time.
Check out yours-truly battling at the back of the pack #CXrocks
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