Ride-a-BikeRight  can get you and your family riding safely.

Whether it’s for an adult or child who wants to learn how to ride a bike, or to gain skills, experience and confidence to ride safely on the road, Ride-a-Bike Right can get you on your way.

Ride-a-Bike Right is Adelaide’s 1st nationally recognised cycling school under AustCycle.

Training Wheels to Two Wheels

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I never learned to ride a bike as a kid. I tried many times, but kept falling off, no matter how hard I tried. My balance is shocking up on something that unstable (compared to being on flat ground). Now I'm in my 40s, I think it might be time to take the bull by the horns and see whether even I could be helped to learn to ride a two wheeler safely, competently, and with as few injuries as possible. I didn't even know courses to teach adults to ride a bike even existed in Adelaide until I was Googling just now. Seriously considering doing the Adult Learn to Ride course once I can afford the cost of it. ... See MoreSee Less

Right. ... See MoreSee Less

Happy little smiling new riders :) ... See MoreSee Less

7/9 kids up and riding by end of Dy 2 - Can't wait to see the them all riding around with that beautiful self-accomplished smile tomorrow. ... See MoreSee Less

Looking forward to our 2nd Learn to Ride program these holidays.
apologies in advance for mixing up your names kids: Lewis, Louis, Lauren and Lucie are amongst them!
Here's to riding with freedom :D
... See MoreSee Less

Last lessons for our learn to ride program today, look and all the happy (and silly) smiles ... See MoreSee Less